Friday, March 20, 2009

CMS utopia with umbraco

I have worked with different cms's the last 4 years, and must say that umbraco is really showing off these days with version 4.0. and is in the top 12 download ranking on codeplex - really cool.

Some new features in umbraco is Canvas, Web PI and performance, to name a few.

Canvas : Is live editng of content really cool, read more

Web Pi : install umbraco in a single click

Performance : The umbraco UI has made a great performance boost from v.3 to v.4, and umbraco says "Umbraco 4 is blisterngly fast and performs with reponsivness of a desktop application" and it actually feels like that some time!..

Read the whitepaper

There is still som features that I would like in the future, primarily the use og attributes, instead of using xml files, examples of this will come in another post later :o)

May the Umbraco force be with you!..

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