Sunday, February 17, 2013

TeaCrunch - CodeCoverage for Typescript

When working in .NET and writing unit test, I really like the green dots NCrunch gives me. I think its a great way to show what code you have test coverage on.

I would love to have this in TypeScript to, but haven't found any, so I have started making a prove of concept my self.

The prove of concept works, but is very unstable and have to rewrite the code, and need to find out how I can read the results from the test explorer. The biggest problem is to find the time to rewrite my code :-)


  1. Have you seen the extension? Are implementing code coverage based on blanketjs / esprima perhaps you can help?

    1. Hey Abraao,
      Sorry for the late reply!

      Thank's for your comment, I will check that out.


  2. Great Ide Ronnie. I'd like to have this!