Friday, November 29, 2013

Do we need a TypeScript BCL

I have been thinking about starting a new TypeScript project TypeScript.BCL.

I'm not quite sure that I need it, but I also feeling dumb writing my own "standard types" for example the Guid. So I was thinking what would a TypeScript.BCL consist of.

Quick brainstorm:

  • Guid
  • Lists, queues, stacks, hashtables, dictionaries and readonly
  • StringBuilder

I know that I already can find most in JavaScript or TypeScript already, but I think i would be nice if there was only one place to get what you need, and a dedicated group to maintain the library. This would also be a good opportunity to meet others that would geek and talk about TypeScript.

So should we, or should we not have a TypeScript base library, that is the question, please post questions or comments that would be great.


  1. I think it's a good initiative, I'd definitely help.

    1. Id you would like to help on the project :

  2. Hi Pavel, that sounds great!, I'll put you on my list of contact's. You will be notified when I start up the project.

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