Sunday, January 19, 2014

Preconf at the Warm Crocodile Developer Conference

The Warm Crocodile Developer Conference (WCDC) is normally 2 days, but this year Microsoft held a preconf the day before, so 3 days of geeking, speaking and drinking beers at nørrebro brewery, pretty nice!

Before I go into more detail of the 3 days I will give a special thanks to Thomas Jespersen from spiir to crash at his hotel room after a lot of beers sponsored by my awesome consultant Stig from copenhagensoftware.

There were 3 sessions at the preconf

Visual Studio 2013 by Luke Hoban, Microsoft
He came allround the Visual Studio, he talked about the new era of Visual Studio has changed from being single developer focus to be more team based, by adding more client + developer services running in azure.
Then he demoed a lot of "new" stuff in VS 2013.
  • Created simple web project and showed the new way of choosing project type
  • Showed async on the mvc controller
  • Browser link and web essentials how use the browser as our designer.
  • And deployed the website to azure and attach the debugger

F# Applications: From domain model to user interface by Tomas Petricek, PhD student, University of Cambridge
Tomas talked a lot of F#, and I was very curious about this because I never written a single line of F# code before.
He started by being really fundamental by showing a few sites ( to look at when you start out, he also mention that there is a local F# UserGroup starting up in copenhagen. Last he show how to make a Simple application checkout counter. I was pretty amazed by how few lines of code you needed to write in his demo.

ASP.NET MVC & WebAPI alongside AngularJS by Scott Allen, CTO at Medisolv
In the last session Scott showed us how to make a Single Page Application with WebAPI, Angular JS and the Entity Framework 6, and using the new standard MVC 5 template.

After the sessions there were free beers at nørrebro brewery. Henrik my boss, Stig from Copenhagen Software and I started enjoyed a few beers while talking about what presentations.

Stig to the left, Henrik to the right

After the free beer's ended, Henrik went home. Stig and I enjoyed the rest of the evening with a few other guy's with some more beer's, thanks for a great day everybody!

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