Sunday, July 14, 2013

Simple TypeScript Unit Test Project Templates

Inspired by John V. Petersen's latest post I thought that TypeScript needed Unit Test project templates to.

I prefer using the Jasmine test framework, but knows that Qunit is popular, so I decided to make a project template for each of them. I have published them on the visualstudiogallery.

TypeScript Qunit Test Project
TypeScript Jasmine Test Project

After installing your preferred Test Project you can find it by choosing new project and go to "other langauges => TypeScript"

The basic structure for the jasmine project looks like this:

The Quint look almost the same, the only different is that I have installed the qunit.d.ts file via nuget instead of the jasmine.d.ts.
The reason for the d.ts files is placed in this structure "Scripts/typings/jasmine/jasmine.d.ts" is that, this is the basic structure when you install TypeScript definition files from nuget.

To get it working you also needs to install the chutzpah javascript runner

When this is done, the test will show up in the VS test explorer window.

Thanks John, for the inspiration. I now don't need to copy paste my TypeScript test projects.

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