Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visual Studio RavenDB DataSource Explorer

Helping other developers being more productive at their daily work, is something that I enjoy. The last idea I got was trying to extend Visual Studio, by making a RavebDB DataSource Explorer prototype. This was fairly easy thanks to the documentation on msdn

It is still just a prototype, it needs validation and code cleaning. For now I can register new data sources by clicking on 

and the below dialog opens to create the datasource.

When RavenDB explorer is open I can right click on a datasource and connect to the server, or remove it from the explorer window.

When I have connected to the server it list all the databases

When I double click on an item it opens an internet explorer window and goes directly to that document in the RavenDB Management Tool.
I have a bunch of ideas to this project, basic management options like, create new Database etc.
If you have any ideas/feature you think could be valuable, please let me know, I will love trying to implement them.

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