Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enterpise development in TypeScript

I have started writing a book” Enterprise development in TypeScript”

I am an agile developer, so this book will be published Early and Published Often. This way I can get feedback from readers and make the book as good as possibly.
The focus of this book is to use TypeScript in your enterprise applications. The book will go through the basics of TypeScript, different tools and frameworks, how to create unit tests and, then automate your tests, builds and deployment. The book is far from done, and if you think the book is missing something please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please, tweet and show your support by saying what you'd like to pay for it at

Book contents would be something like this
1.       TypeScript Fundementals
·         What is TypeScript
·         Static vs Dynamic type language
·         Interfaces
·         Classes & functions
·         Inheritance
·         Modules
·         Arrow functions
·         Generics (not supported yet)
·         TypeDefinitionFiles

2.       TypeScript Tools and frameworks
·         Visual Studio
·         Web Essentials
·         Sublime text

3.       Introduction to enterprise development
·         What is enterprise development?
·         The enterprise code

4.       The road to enterprise
·         Decouple of code
·         Test driven development
·         Continous Integration
·         Continous Delivery
5.       Design patterns
·         Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection
·         Facade pattern
·         Factory pattern
·         MVVM
·         MVC

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