Sunday, January 20, 2013

Retrospective of day 2 - Warm Crocodile Conf

#WarmCrocConf Day 2

Continuous Delivery in Action - Jimmy Bogard
Thanks to Jimmy I got a flashback when worked at 123hjemmeside/simplesite regarding SQL change management, I haven't done that since I moved on. But the Tarantino Project looked really impressive - this is a must in my future projects.
Contact Jimmy on Twitter @jbogard or read his blog and AutoFixture - Mark Seeman
Mark did yet another awesome presentation, he's really good to involve the audience. He mad a good point why using Xunit. MSTes is not extensible, but is. In, you can extend the Fact or Theory attributes and support parametrized tests. mark has write a good blog post. He showed how cool AutoFixture is by given an example by using the FizzBuzz kata and using the InlineData attribute.

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Getting Started with Azure Mobile Services - Henrik Frystyk Nielsen
Didn't get mutch out of this session, it seemed more like a sales speach than showing of some cool things, and wasn't very impressed, most of the session I just thought "yet another service repository". And didn't agree on all that he said, but maybe the API has changed since last time I made an windows phone app.

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Layers Considered Harmful - Chrisitan Horsdal
Christian did a cool presentation and showed how quickly we mess up our code with layers. Go basic remember YAGNI "You Ant Gonna Need It", don't code for reuseabillity, does I really need this in other places?

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RavenDB & the magic beans - Ayende Rahien
Maybe this Session was great, can't say, was late, so didn't get a seat in the front, and the lack of my hearing of deep voices I couldn't here what he said, but I love the product anyway :-)
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C# behind the scenes - Bart De Smet
Bart Is just an amazing speaker, really geeky but in a cool way. He talk about Expression Trees, and Iterator State machines. very interesting.

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