Sunday, January 20, 2013

Retrospective of day 1 - Warm Crocodile Conf

Its already 3 days ago I left the #WarmCrocConf and think its time to write my experience when the conference is still fresh in my mind.

The conference was all in all great, cozy and intense. I think that we were about 200 people, and that did the conference intimate, i think that was really great because it was easy to get a chance to talk to the speakers, and connect with other geeks after dinner. The only really thing that I can complain about was the amount of changes to schedules.

I talked with the cool guys working on AutoFixture, especial nikos aka  , and showed nikos an enriko aka  my AutoFixtureTS project (a typescript version of AutoFixture.) I think they thought it was interesting?.

Alot of stuff was going on at the conference and Eventifier  has collected tweets, slides and images.

Session retrospektiv:

Day 1

BREAKFAST  KEYNOTE - Growing effective agile teams by Roy Osherove
Roy Osherove (@RoyOsherove on twitter) is the Chief Scientist at
He did er great job and inspired me and got me thinking - have I ben in the comfort zone to long?...  maybe, so now I'm actually making a list of what kind of avalanche I wan't to dig into.

Get the keynote slide

Grokking Git by seeing it - Enrico Campidoglio
I didn't really know what I would expect to learn in this session. I thought I knew the basic of GIT, I was terribly wrong, yes I knew the basic commands, but that was it :-)

He was really good to explain how GIT actually worked by showing it step by step.
Things I need to remember and dig into here is:

SeeGit => Realtime repository visualizer
Posh-GIT => A better GIT with powershell
GIT tutorial => Need to try this :-)

Enrico works at tretton37 and can be contacted through his blog or on Twitter @ecampidoglio

Tour de API - Anne-Sofie Nielsen
Anne-Sofie did a great talk about oAuth and how to use it with different API's. The presentation was in 3D, pretty cool, and a good outbreak from normal .PPT slides.
She also mention to be aware of API changes and how API keys works. This was something a colleague and I hasn't been aware of :-(
Anne-Sofie has 3rd degree black belt in karate and can be contacted on her blog or on Twitter @femalenerd get the slide

NuGet (Anti-)Patterns: Tales from the trenches - Xavier Decoster
Xavier talked about Package Version, Package Repositories and general Anti patterns.
Things I remembered her was:

Package Version
Use semantic version with NuGet and how NuGet version's defers from SemVer.

Package Repositories
Split package repositories by audience, by using different feeds, I will dig into to see if I can use it.

Xavier can be found at and you can follow him on Twitter @xavierdecoster

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Unit Testing best practices and horrible mistakes -  Roy Osherove
Roy Talks allot and love to sing, he should definitely publish the songs on YouTube.
Top 5 best practices  I think he covered in his session

  1. Test only public's
    1. Testing a private makes your test more brittle
    2. Test-First leads to private members after refactoring, but they are all tested
  2. Test Only One Thing
    1. avoid multiple Asserts
    2. one mock per test
  3. Enforce test isolation
    1. No dependency between tests!
    2. Don't run a test from another test
  4. Separate unit from integration tests
  5. Naming a unit test
    1. use _ to describe the test

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Taking the hippie bus to the enterprise - Mogens Heller Grabe
Great Session, really showed how simple you could use a service bus with Rebus, I have to integrate in several of my projects. A fun thing was I got an error in one project while attending the Rebus session that Rebus could have prevent from happened.
Find him on Twitter @mookid8000 Read his blog Get the slide Get the demos

Organize your chickens: NuGet for the enterprise - Xavier Decoster
We had a good discussion about Package Management, dependency hell and the NuGet eco system. Then we discussed MyGet vs. TeamCity as a pacakage server, and though we have TeamCity and TeamCity has some of the same features, it maybe make sense for me to use MyGet. I need to dig into this...

Get the slide

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